Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Some words about escapism

I like to read...I like to drink tea...I like to lounge in bed.

The result? A completely cliché woman who walks around town on a cloudy day wishing she could be at home in bed reading. She invents time to kill so she can go to the library and find the books on her reading list. She mostly craves fluff...and she doesn't even really like fiction all that much.

But she's been obsessively reading book blogs as of late. Lots of book blogs. And when she does she is transported to a world that is not her own.

...There are empty mugs on the nightstand, tiny paper cuts on her fingers, books scattered around her and lots of time to read. And read. And read. And then record great dialogue and passages in her journal because it is 07 which means she's keeping a journal again...

But instead she is in grad school. And she reads. And reads. And reads. And she records passages in her journal. But it is not inspirational. It is work. And her fluff books surround her unopened and lonely.

But for those of you who like tea...and bed...and escaping...and maybe need some recommendations....



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thanks for the link!

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