Tuesday, March 20, 2007
What a perfect time to mention

that it is Back up Your Birth Control Day. Go forth, good people...support emergency contraception. Because you know what access to contraception means? It means less unwanted pregnancies. YEY FOR LESS UNWANTED PREGNANCIES.

In related news, as you all know--I live in Georgia. And Georgia is crazy.

The Georgia house approved a measure yesterday that would require doctors to offer to show patients requesting an abortion an ultrasound image of the fetus if an image was made.

See? Crazy! An. Ultrasound. OFTHE FETUS?!?!?!

In other related news....you should only go to Kroger because they actually force their pharmacists to give out EC. As you know, I have some grocery store issues....glad Kroger cleared them up for me.



Blogger bethany said...

great! now I can shop at kroger and feel smug, in addition to getting the best produce we are aware of in athens. :)

Blogger Selfish Shellfish said...

There was similar legislation pending when I was working in the Michigan legislature.

Guess who pays for the ultrasound? Yep, the knocked up bitch who can barely afford the abortion.

Also, it makes abortion clinics pay for ultrasound machines when all they should have to buy is forceps corkscrews and GLAD™ bags.

Not cool.


Blogger Selfish Shellfish said...

First, real liberals shop and Whole Foods.

I can be an inappropriate commenter but I think you invite it with your Victorian squeal.

I imagine you clutching your chest and covering your mouth and your eyes getting wide at the sheer horror of what I have written.

Perhaps you have read my most recent post that argues that sometimes profoundly offensive speech is sometimes the most effective.

Mostly though it was to raise your blood pressure. I challenge you to allow the post of the currently unpublished comment. If you don't the Romney/Brownback ticket will be sworn in on January 20, 2009.

Dee-T Irish Cream.

Blogger kristen said...

DT: you are completely inappropriate. I should censor you.

Blogger kristen said...

AND...Athens is so local (i mean HIPPY) we don't have Whole Foods...we have farmers markets...and local bakeries and sell produce. We're the real deal.

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