Tuesday, May 06, 2008
I-Tues v. 12 Concert Edition
I'm beginning to feel like I speak only in superlatives when it comes to music on this blog. "This concert was awesome." "This concert was the best I've seen in Athens." Blah, blah, blah. But if you'll allow me one more...On Saturday we saw Josh Ritter at the Melting Point. And, well, it was the best concert I've seen...maybe...ever. I know. But, my friends, this is not mere hyperbole....Allow me to present some evidence.

First of all, the venue is so incredible. I think I'd be happy only seeing shows the Melting Point from now on. It is small. There's a patio lit with gold Christmas light. There are pomegranate martinis. There is always a good crowd. I just adore it. If you are in the ATH, you must go to the Melting Point. And then write me a thank you note because I just changed your life.

Second, Ingrid Michaelson opened for J.R. She is all kinds of adorable. Most of you have probably heard her sing on this Old Navy commercial.

But don't hold this endorsement of capitalism against her. She released a cd without a label. You go girl. Her show was fantastic. Not only is she very talented (think Regina Spektor meets Vanessa Carlton-- only better) but she was charming without being nauseating. And let's not under emphasize the import of that. Not only that but she's a feminist. HELLO. Her lyrics are incredible and very empowering. After she was done both Drew and Dave turned to me and said that it looked like I had a BFF. How right they were.

And I bought her cd. At her own show. How lame am I?! But I couldn't help it. I just had to have her music and support her. I told her I taught WMST and I loved her lyrics. And she signed my cd.

Yes, it does say Vaginas Unite. Yes.

Ok so it is safe to say that I <3 Ingrid Michaelson. But I also love Josh Ritter. And his whole darn band. They are all adorable. And they got along so well. See?

And their energy was contagious. The set was awesome. They took us high and they brought us low. They seemed legitimately thankful we were all there and earnest in their attempt to give the best show they could. For those of you that know me in the "real" world, you know that I sometime use earnest as a descriptor for people I think are lame. But when I saw that Josh Ritter is earnest, I mean that in the good way.

If, for some reason that I cannot think of, you don't already listen to Josh Ritter you need to start. RIGHTNOW. I've told you this before. And maybe you haven't listened. I'll overlook it. But it is never too late to correct a bad decision.

And a big shout out to Drew and Dave who asked me not to post a picture of them. Whoops.

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Blogger bethany said...

I agree, the melting point is one of the best venues out there. I think Paste listed it as one of the best venues in the country!

Anonymous drew said...

ingrid, your CD has been played *roughly* eleventy billion times in our house in the last three days.

Blogger Kourtney said...

haha Vag unite....she is a funny one that Ingrid!

PS...still jealous!

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