Wednesday, May 07, 2008
The one in which I become that woman...
...The crazy woman.

8:59 am. Grocery store. Morning breath and hair. On the conveyor belt? Two boxes of brownie mix, some red wine and stamps. My nice southern clerk tilts her head and asks:

are you okay today?

I'm pretty sure there is an emergency prayer meeting in the break room right now.

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Blogger tricia said...

i love it! i always imagine what is going on with people by their grocery carts. one time this woman had all this party food and two large bags of kitty litter. i asked her if she was hosting a cat party and she looked at me like i was crazy. he he.

Anonymous cupcake said...

This reminds me of the time I went to buy a pregnancy test for my married friend who was convinced she was carrying a baby after just having one. She sent me to the local Rite Aid where I bought her tests and happened to notice the condoms next to the tests, so I grabbed a box of those too, then headed to the check out where I grabbed a candy bar. The pharmacist gave me quite the look. You have to wonder what these people see on a daily basis....

Blogger Aaron&Maeve said...

LOVE this post! Good for you.

Anonymous Alicia said...

LOL, that's fantastic.
I had something similar happen to me, except that I placed a box of crayons, a bottle of snapple and roll of scotch tape on the conveyor belt.
The lovely cashier asked: Are you an artist?
I hesitated for a moment and then I said: no, why do you ask?
She said: Well, your hair, your make up and the things you're buying...I figured you for an artist!

I suppose that, by her description, all 5 year olds are artists.

Blogger Andi said...

LOL, love it.

Blogger Kourtney said...

At least they were on that belt in an organized pattern!

Hope you enjoyed the Brownies :)

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