Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Wherein I say hello...
And that I've missed you. You know I don't apologize for neglecting this (optional) blog. But I will say that I'm missing the blog. If not the blog, the things the blog is indicative of. I miss having time to watch movies, read for pleasure, and think critically about political happenings. Generally speaking, if the blog is silent, my life is out of whack. I'm not in balance. I'm spending too much time thinking, obsessing, self-loathing and not enough time writing, arguing and enjoying. Alas, I fear this will be the story for the next 9 months or so. My dissertation is staring at me. And, believe me, it has crazy eyes. Most days, I do as well.

So bear with me...and think happy, intellectual thoughts for me.

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Blogger Nicole said...

welcome back!! Say "to hell with balance" and join me on morning walks and afternoon drinks... and the diss will get done. I promise!

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